Ariane Loze


Ariane Loze is a video-artist and performer who within Le Banquet explores how the selfish I thrives within our social surroundings. Anecdotal, subtle, clairvoyant, eccentric, inalienable, amusing ... Each in their own way the eleven character that Ariane Loze created are searching for truth and happiness. Whilst waiting for the twelfth character they lose their way. Will this character be their synthesis, their compromise? Nothing is certain. Everything is more complicated than it seems.

Within her video performances, Ariane Loze methodically deconstructs the cinematographic norms to reduce the structures of her films to the bare workable minimum. Her post-minimalist aesthetic unites conceptual expression with homemade film whilst striving for a form of critical zero in terms of representation. The basis is a combination of clear narrative and a unique form of action, which is captured by a fixed camera (a dinner, a meeting, a pursuit, a journey).

Even though Ariane Loze's videos are part of her series MÔWN (Movies on my own) they can also stand on their own. Ariane Loze is not only a producer, director, editor, costume artist, sound and light technician. She also plays every character - without exception. The limited resources that she uses resonate with the simple decors and the fixed camera setup. The emphasis is on the interpretation of the characters, the clash of their situations and the critical ridicule of their statements. Within these statements, they mock the prejudice, the codes and the tasks to which they comply.

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