CWART aims to create new opportunities for emerging artists who have not yet found a place within the existing scene. CWART presents exhibitions of recent creations, grouped by theme and at a pace of four projects per year.

Every work of art is part of the chain that links both history and tradition to contemporary technological and philosophical possibilities. The beautiful exhibition areas create a stunning stage for various disciplines. CWART stimulates and inspires. CWART creates scope for experiment.

To affirm this commitment lectures, artist talks, film screenings, concerts and other artistic activities are being organised. The aim is to stimulate visitors in being momentarily immersed in the artistic thoughts of a rapidly changing world. 

past exhibition

Natural Vibes

21 july - 28 august '22
Under the theme 'Natural Vibes', Octave Vandeweghe, Olivia van Trigt, Nick Verhaeghe and Olivia de Posson show their inspiring works in this exhibition. These four young artists are each in their own way looking for a way of expression in which nature, history, environment and movement play an important role. We are open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 7 pm.
exhibition history

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