Jana Cordenier


Within her works, Jana Cordenier searches for different ways to lighten the weight of brush strokes and to soften the hardness of paint. She feels a resistance when entering a work, which she wants to bend to a smoother entry.

Jana Cordenier draws inspiration from her environment and from the moment. She transposes her drawings onto transparent canvases, which subsequently are embroidered. It is during this slow process that transformation takes place.

Jana Cordenier compares painting to a walk in a garden. The garden being the painter’s palette. Such an immediate source of colour cannot be found elsewhere. As it were, she collects flowers and plants on canvas to make the gardens bloom.

Within the works of art the pure colours combine without ever mixing - the soft touches confirming the physical characteristics of the flowers. The abundance of pure colours dissolve into individual notes when zooming in. The detail reinforces the impression of boundlessness and depth: elements that happen to be at the edges seem to bend forward through stretching.

The works have an innocence and primary aspect that Jana Cordenier describes as 'atmospheres'. Because of their luminous tenuity, they address the spirit, the experience, the intuition that rises above the rational. 

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