Kool Koor


Kool Koor’s creations are featured by contrasting areas of extension and compression within the canvas. Against an almost monochromatic backdrop plane there appears extensively detailed ‘hieroglyphs’ consisting of splines, circles, angles, lines, wheels, arches. Taken individually, they resemble urban and architectural elements - highways and crossroads, bridges, peaks of skyscrapers and facades of buildings leaning, like seaweed under the current, in constant vibrance, both organic and mechanic. Seen from a distance, the canvases appear to be windows to another dimension: the background of interlaid opaque and metallic blacks is perceived as an infinite universal space, in which the interconnected and intertwined entities are drifting. The shimmering golden glow of ink causes a variety of effects, depending on the position of the viewer. The color becomes more intense while looking closely and dissolves in a mist, when observed from a far.


His current work is the fruit of those golden years of exploration. Elegant lines bend, blend and transform taking the viewer on a never ending journey within architectural balance and the reflection of light. With the ease of a gentle whisper Kool Koor lures us closer then sweeps us away to freely wonder around inside his magnificent labyrinths. 

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