Marcel Berlanger


CWART has selected a number of works by Berlanger that are characterized by the translucence of medium. For this reason, a number of his creations are exhibited in a freestanding way. Berlanger goes a step further still in a few of his works. By making large round perforations in the canvas the space beyond becomes visible. This shatters any photographic illusion, which is something the artist clearly enjoys. The images are put to canvas using a grid. In similar fashion as described above, he leaves certain squares of these grids empty. Very often, the entire bottom row is left blank.

In combination with a rough medium, the images are transformed into real paintings. His oeuvre displays a beautiful mix of classical subjects (landscapes, figures, portraits). Throughout the centuries, these subjects have proven to be the ideal vehicle for the art of painting. Marcel Berlanger is a natural born painter who continuously questions his medium.

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