Robbert de Goede


It starts with coincidence and intuition, arbitrarily drawing and combining geometrical shapes and figures, without judgement. From there, the search for connections and meaning starts, looking for a space where there is no room for distraction. The compositions are built anatomically where the rules of physics are ignored.


The goal is to find emptiness, a place in the psyche where creativity, revelation and happiness are found. I use rage and logic in an existential framework to make life more orderly and bearable. Concentration and meditation are inseparably connected with the process of making and are a requirement to intensely experience the work. It is the physical experience that completes this. A mere aesthetic verdict doesn't do justice to my projects.

The viewer is pulled into a vacuum, an unsettling puzzle. My installations are made to touch the viewer, pull you in and bring an intensifying spatial experience.

My work contains a democratic principle. Regardless of status, origin, background, age or education it is accessible to anyone. The difference is in the eye of the beholder. Depending on the person one will see and discover different layers and qualities in the work.


I see all my work as site-specific. Whether it is in a certain location in a building, a moveable installation or a wall-mounted work. I believe that what happens to you just before you visit the work is always part of the experience of the work itself.

The insights from being an interior architect are interchangeable with my autonomous work. The experience of space, time and the relation between man and his surroundings are significant principles.

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