Apéro concert BARBARA ST JAMES

Barbara St James (1990) is a jazz and blues singer. With her characteristic sound, she knows to distinguish herself. Her music is strongly influenced by jazz, bleus and soul music; life, emotion and authenticity are central to this.Barbara is praised for her (musical) personality, unique voice, creativity and sense of swing. She sings from her soul.Although her voice can be powerful, Barbara is not afraid to show her vulnerability in her music. Because of these qualities she knows how to impress her audience time after time.Jazz lovers this sunday 9th of june is the opportunity to listen to her en enjoy the performance!The concert of BARBARA ST JAMES will start at 16.00 hours , Whit Sunday 09/06/2019 at CWART.Make sure you don’t miss it and order your tickets via the website:https://www.eventbrite.be/e/tickets-barbara-st-james-61875023862?utm_term=eventurl_text
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